We are Profylo

1 min readDec 31, 2020


Hello! You might have heard us or seen our posts on social media websites.

And with this blog, we are going to share how it started, as well as profiling our hugely inspiring audience. (That’s you!)

Back to the start of Profylo. That was in June 2020, yet another day in pandemic and people were losing their jobs. Trying to get a job with a piece of paper and struggling to make them stand out of the crowd. That’s when, we brainstormed an idea to create an ideal platform, where people could easily create and publish personal portfolio websites.

We researched and found out that there were very few sites that offered a platform for people with no technical skills to build an online portfolio for free.

We’ve developed an incredible platform for people to share their skills and showcase their portfolio with the world. We’re going to keep growing to help you do more.

And right here, we’ll be sharing their stories.

Welcome to Profylo!

Visit us at https://profylo.com

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Profylo is the fastest and easiest way to build and publish one page portfolios https://profylo.com