Difference Between A Resume And A Portfolio

2 min readMay 5, 2021


The answer to whether a portfolio and a resume are the same thing is easy. No, they are not the same. Just as there are different types of resumes, there are also different types of portfolios.

In the past, portfolios were strictly the realm of artists, designers, photographers, and other creative career fields. Today, some job seekers are opting to use job skills portfolios, job search portfolios, or career portfolios that include resumes, instead of the traditional cover letter/resume combination.

Portfolios are much more detailed than resumes and require a larger time investment to create. While a resume is one or two pages long at most, a portfolio is usually presented in a creative way allowing for an in-depth showcasing of your experience and skills. Portfolios aren’t meant to replace resumes, but rather to enhance them.

Online portfolios are more common today. There are many content management systems and tools that make creating a website for a portfolio quick and easy. Creative professionals can include photos or images that show their work. They can also link to websites or other digital projects they have worked on. This allows the portfolio to be shared easily through email, Social Media or websites.

The purpose of resumes and cover letters is to get you a first interview where you then bring out the portfolio. Use it to illustrate why you are the best person for the job, to supplement the brief outline of qualifications presented in your resume.

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